Rubicon Necrons


The Rubicon Necrons were one of two Necron dynasties that ruled on the planet that would be called Adrilles during the age of the Imperium.

Millions of years ago, the two dynasties went to war. The Rubicon Necrons lost. The dynasty’s leader– Trazyn the Infinite– and the remains of his Rubicon host were exiled. Trazyn and his forces wandered the cosmos for tens of thousands of years, re-discovering lost Tomb Worlds, waking the inhabitants and recruiting them to his cause–often through conquest.

When Trazyn and his expanded army returned to Adrilles, he found the planet void of activity. His enemy had entered stasis. Trazyn’s wrath was such that he cracked open all but one of the Tesseract Vaults in his army. His hope was that the unbridled fury of Transcendent C’Tan would be such that the planet would be annihilated. That did not happen, but the force was great enough to tear great swaths of rock from the surface.

Trazyn knew his wrath had destroyed many of his enemy’s forces, but he also knew many more survived deep within the planet. He also knew he no longer had the might to dig out his enemy. So Trazyn the Infinite decided to wait.  He and his Rubicon Necrons entered stasis. The last of his power was used to assemble a tomb of rock about his forces. He created a small moon from the shattered pieces of his own homeworld. There he would sleep until he felt his rival awaken.

The machinations of the Librarians and Psykers under the command of Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf stirred the slumbering Necrons. When Trazyn the Infinite felt his enemy rise so too did he.


The risen Trazyn the Infinite gathered a host of awoken Rubicon Necrons and used a Gate of Infinity to travel to Adrilles. Much of his forces took part in the Battle of First Contact. Trazyn would fall in that battle. The remaining Rubicon Necrons scattered. They wandered and waged war in the volcanic north in the weeks that followed. One sizable force was harassed by daemons and chased into the Klendathu Canyons. This running fight is considered the opening salvo of The Klendathu Three.

Trazyn the Infinite was resurrected on Solemnance. He would remain there for a period of time, organizing the Necrons into a host of war. When ready, he traveled back to Adrilles where he linked up with the Rubicon Necrons still active on the remains of Abfall.


Notable battles of the Adrilles War in which the Rubicon Necrons participated:


Trazyn the Infinite
Phaeron of the Rubicon Necrons; slain in the Battle of First Contact; resurrected on Solemnace; returned to Adrilles and united the Solemnace Necrons with those of Abfall.

Imotekh the Stormlord
Slain in the Battle of First Contact; current whereabouts unknown.

Overlord Zenith
Overlord Zenith commanded the Rubicon Necrons of Abfall after Trazyn the Infinite fell during the Battle of First Contact.

Overlord V’alor
After Trazyn the Infinite awoke and destroyed Abfall, he sent his armies to Adrilles to wage war against his rival, the Sautekh Necrons. Overlord V’alor was given the command of one of two armies sent to the volcanic north. His army encountered and fought Chaos Daemons. These hordes of Khorne were too much for his forces, so Overlord V’alor ordered his troops to head for a nearby canyon system. The hope was the Necrons could use the canyons to a tactical advantage and perhaps even find a position of strength within. Instead, his Necrons were destroyed. Overlord V’alor fell under a wave of Bloodletters.


The Rubicon Cluster / The House of Trazyn
The Rubicon Dynasty managed to hold within its grasp what was estimated to be more than half Abfall’s mass following that moon’s detonation. What orbits Adrilles where Abfall used to be is a cluster of fractured rock held together by pulsating, green, Necrotic energy. This cluster has been measured at 1,022 kilometers at its widest, but these numbers are disputed because it would appear that the Necrons are able to shift this jumbled mass of asteroids over an undetermined period of time.


Historians of the Adrilles War tend to focus on the Jager Corps and their psychic experimentation on Tyranids– which is certainly worth the tomes of theory and reflection it has been given– but arguably there was an anomaly present that deserves as much attention.

Those in the Imperium who study Necron lore know that Trazyn the Infinite’s enemy was Imotekh the Stormlord, Phaeron of the Sautekh Necrons. Some of the reports of the Battle of First Contact mention Imotekh the Stormlord on the battlefield. Indeed, one might expect the two ancient foes to seek each other out. What is only mentioned in one Imperium document is that Imotekh and Trazyn fought on the same side of that battle and that Imotekh was destroyed by the forces of Khorne that had allied with the Sautekh Necrons. This is the first curious mention of Imotekh being both an enemy and ally of Trazyn the Infinite, but it is not the only mention in the annals of history regarding the Adrilles War.

A possible answer comes from within the Cult Mechanicus, which seems to have had more than a passing interest in the events of the Adrilles War. On the topic of Imotekh the Stormlord, the Cult Mechanicus has written: “The supposed duality of Imotekh the Stormlord did not exist. What existed was two Imotekh. One from this timeline and one from some other parallel timeline. How Trazyn the Infinite came to force his will upon that particular Imotekh is explored elsewhere in this treatise as is the notion that it was Trazyn the Infinite who was not of our time…”

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