A note about dates: The Adrilles War takes place during the final years of the 41st Millennium. When discussing this war it is common to use the term Year 0 when referring to the period that begins when the Jager Corps first discovered the dormant Tyranid Hive Mind on Adrilles. The first year of the Adrilles War begins when Arjac Rockfist and the Space Wolves enter orbit around Adrilles, specifically Year 1 Day 1 (Y1.1).

From Year 1 Day 1 and beyond, days are recorded in the timeline due to the number of significant events that occurred when other military powers came into play on Adrilles. For example, Y1.256 would denote the 256th day of the first year of the Adrilles War. It should also be noted that a Terran calendar was used to define a year– thus a year of the Adrilles War is 356 days– even though Adrilles’ year is longer than a Terran year.

(Little is known about what occurred on Adrilles during Year 0 after the Jager Corps arrived. Perhaps the timeline will be expanded as more data becomes available.)

Ancient History (Millions of Years Ago)

  • Sautekh and Rubicon Necrons war begins on the planet that will become known as Adrilles.
  • Trazyn the Infinite of the Rubicon Necrons exiled. Sautekh Necrons victorious but are so depleted from hundreds of years of war that they enter stasis.
  • Tens of thousands of years later, Trazyn the Infinite returns to Adrilles.
    • Trazyn’s Wrath
    • Trazyn and Rubicon Necrons enter stasis.

Age of the Imperium

  • 997.M41
    •  Hive Fleet Leviathan attacks the Imperium, including the Adrilles system.
    • The moon Grimmig goes silent, alerting Imperium military forces on Brache that something is wrong.
    • Civilian evacuation of Adrilles begins.
    • Adrilles falls.
    • Brache falls, but the Tyranid connection to Hive Fleet Leviathan is severed.

The Adrilles War (occurs during the final years of M41)

  • Year -10
    • Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf begins his search for a planet ravaged by Tyranids to use as a testing ground for his theories regarding the Hive Mind.
  • Year – 4
    • Arjac Rockfist begins his search for the Jager Corps.
  • Year -1
    • Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf and the Jager Corps arrive on Adrilles.
  • Year 0
    • Grand Librarian Hoeth and Jager Corps Psykers discover a remnant of a Tyranid Hive Mind severed and slumbering beneath a toppled Tyranid feeder tower. (see Ruldolf’s Gambit)
    • The Jager Corps Psykers fail to control the Hive Mind.
    • The Jager Corps harness the power of the Warp to create portals through which they can amplify their psychic power. This amplification enables them to awaken and seize tenuous control of the severed Hive Mind.
    • The Chaos God Khorne feels the pain of the enslaved Warp and sends Skulltaker to punish those who dare try to control what is not theirs. (see A Call to Chaos)
      • Skulltaker and his forces become lost in the Warp as they seek Adrilles.
    • Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf oversees the birth of the first Tyranid under the psychic control of Jager Corps Psykers.
  • Year 1
    • Y1.1
      • Arjac Rockfist and Space Wolves seeking the Jager Corps enter orbit above Adrilles. (see The Wolf’s Prey)
    • Y1.2
      • Strike Cruiser Hammerfall (Space Wolves) assault a Jager Corps Light Cruiser orbiting Adrilles. Interrogation of Jager Corps prisoners confirms Arjac Rockfist’s suspicions about Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf’s intentions. (see The Wolf’s Prey)
    • Y1.3
      • Sautekh Necrons begin to arise on Adrilles and Grimmig. Their slumber of millions of years is at an end. (see Hatred Begets Hatred)
      • Skulltaker and his Khorne forces emerge from the Warp and find themselves on the moon Grimmig.
      • Khorne encounter the newly arisen Sautekh Necrons on Grimmig. An alliance of convenience is formed despite several short but violent clashes.
    • Y1.4
      • Arjac Rockfist begins preparations for an assault on Adrilles. Rune Priests within his host warn him of increasing storms in the planet’s atmosphere but also increased seismic activity. Arjac ignores their pleas.
    • Y1.5
      • Arjac Rockfist and the Space Wolves begin their assault on Adrilles.
      • Sautekh Necrons and Khorne forces travel by Warp to the surface of Adrilles with agendas of their own.
      • The moon Abfall is destroyed when Rubicon Necrons wake from stasis.
      • Trazyn the Infnite and his Rubicon Necrons descend to Adrilles.
      • Battle of First Contact.
      • Trazyn the Infinite resurrected on Solemnace. (see Trazyn Arisen and Retrench and Regroup)
      • Battle of the Lone Wolf.
    • Y1.6
      • First recorded skirmish between Rubicon Necrons and Tyranids suggesting the Rubicon Necrons were hunting Tyranids freed from Jager control. (see Outpost 2219)
    • Y1.7
    • Y1.8
      • Sautekh Necrons encounter Tyranids in the “lost Tombs” of Grimmig.
      • Skirmish between Jagers and Space Wolves (see Reconnaissance)
    • Y1.9
    • Y1.10
      • Nurgle Rising; Nurgle and Tzeentch make their presence known.
      • Space Wolves skirmish with Jagers and then Tyranids (see Out of the Sky)
    • Y1.12
      • Woldermort Wolftongue sent to Adrilles with an expeditionary force of Space Wolves to establish a stronghold in the mountainous southern region.
    • Y1.14
      •  Shas’ui T’Hara of the H’Av’Raj’Ikon meets with Grand Librarian Hoeth of the Jager Corps.
      • The Jagers show the H’Av’Raj’Ikon evidence of more Tau on Adrilles. (see Reinforcements)
      • Arjac Rockfist moves Strike Cruiser Claw of Russ to orbit Grimmig.
    • Y1.15
    •  Y1.17
      • Sautekh Necrons devise a way of controlling Tyranids on Grimmig by using the Necron / Tyranid artifact obtained in the Battle of First Contact.
    • Y1.19
      • Sautekh Necrons use Eternity Gates to transport Tyranids from Grimmig to the volcanic northern region of Adrilles.
    • Y1.20
      • Chapter Master Logan Grimnar arrives in the Adrilles system and assumes command of the Space Wolves. (see A New Chapter)
      • The Cult Mechanicus arrive.
    • Y1.24
      • Jager Corps and Tau launch a joint operation to assault the Klendathu Canyons. (see The Breaking Tide – Klendathu Canyons)
        • Presence of Chaos Space Marines confirmed.
        • The operation to obtain strategic positions within the Klendathu Canyons fails.
      • Spaces Wolves and Cult Mechanicus launch a joint operation to invade the volcanic northern region of Adrilles. (see The Breaking Tide – Volcanic North)
        • Space Wolves and Cult Mechanicus succeed in gaining ground.
    • Y1.26
      • First recorded incident of Jagers fighting Jagers. (see Cracks)
    • Y1.27
      • Cult Mechanicus begin parlay with the Jager Corps.
    • Y1.30
      • Jagers and Tau are joined by Cult Mechanicus and make a push toward a stronghold held by Sautekh Necrons, Daemons, and Tyranids within the depths of the Klendathu Canyons.
        • The stronghold cannot be cracked and both sides of the conflict suffer heavy losses. (see Consequences)
        • Trayzn the Infinite reaches across the void. The signal is picked up by Jager Corps Psykers. (see An Old Threat Returns and Consequences)

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