Abfall was one of three moons orbiting the planet Adrilles. It was the smallest of the moons with a equatorial diameter of 892 km. It completed an orbit of Adrilles every 1.370218 days. It was also the moon closest to the planet. Within its orbit, it was 237,948 kilometers away at its furthest point. These facts are presented in the past tense because Abfall was destroyed during the Adrilles War.

History – Necrons

Like Grimmig and Brache, Abfall was formed as a result of a war between two Necron dynasties millions of years before the Imperium existed. When Trazyn the Infinite returned to Adrilles tens of thousands of years after his exile, he learned that his enemy had gone into stasis. His rage was so great that he destroyed Tesseract Vaults in his fleet. The unleashed power of C’Tan was such that the planet Adrilles cracked and massive chunks of its surface were soon adrift in the void. With his power now almost exhausted, Trazyn the Infinite used the remains of his might to assemble from drifting molten rock a massive tomb. That tomb orbited the planet Adrilles and would become known as the moon Abfall.

History – Imperium

The Imperium named the smallest moon Abfall. The Imperium never showed any interested in Abfall. It was too small and lacked any resources of importance.

Adrilles War

Abfall was destroyed when Trazyn the Infinite and remnants of the Rubicon Dynasty awoke from stasis upon sensing their enemy awake on Adrilles and what is known as the moon Grimmig. Some of the rock was completely ionized. A significant amount plummeted through the atmosphere of Adrilles. While much of that burned up, some of the moon struck the surface.

What was most surprising was the Rubicon Dynasty managed to hold within its grasp what was estimated to be more than half of the moon’s mass. What orbited Adrilles where Abfall used to be was a cluster of fractured rock held together by pulsating, green, Necrotic energy. This cluster– which was named The Rubicon Cluster by the Jager Corps and The House of Trazyn by the Space Wolves– was measured at 1,022 kilometers at its widest, but these numbers are disputed because it would appear that the Necrons were able to shift this jumbled mass of asteroids over an undetermined period of time.

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