Retrench and Regroup

Trazyn the Infinite stared into a shimmering pool, watching the waters of reality shift. He had been observing eddies of time and probability for hours now. Permutations of times come and gone, but still nothing that was of any use to him. He was here now, in this timeline. He had to make do with his current situation, however unlikely it was that he had arrived here.

The tomb world of Solemnace was still mostly unaware of his intrusion into its catacombs. He had been resurrected after the battle against the Executioner thanks to the Reanimation Protocols linked to the Trazyn of this timeline. The two were the same being, in nearly every respect. The Trazyn of this timeline was occupied elsewhere, fighting other foes and collecting other rare battle vistas. He envied this timeline’s Trazyn. In time, he would have to replace him, pending the outcome of other conflicts.

The pool before him was not liquid in any real sense, but rather a collection of tachyons that fired up and down the timestream. Every event– every moment– generated infinite possibilities and probabilities that collapsed into the actual moments of history. One could observe these possibilities and learn how to avoid particular outcomes. Trazyn had learned that from Orikan the Diviner before obliterating him in his own timeline. The Orikan of this timeline was out there somewhere as well, likely the largest threat to Trazyn’s occupation of this timeline other than the hated Executioner himself. Everything had a time and place. Trazyn needed to deal with the here and now.

He was still unclear as to how he and his army had been shunted into this timeline. He had been secured aboard the moon he had created and bided his time, waiting in stasis for the awakening of his hated enemy. Now, there was more at stake than his pride. Thanks to the unique mixture of Warp energies and Tyranid synaptic Shadows, he was here, now. He would have staked everything in the fact that one cannot jump timelines. It was impossible…yet, where Chaos and the Warp were involved, it seemed the impossible was now reality.

He hadn’t planned on resurrecting on Solemnace. Now that he was here, however, he would utilize its resources and marshal his forces that remained. Overlord V’Alor was out there somewhere on Adrilles, likely with his own forces. Trazyn’s ‘Imotekh’ was destroyed, but the resources on Solemnace would allow him to create another. He had killed Imotekh the Stormlord in his own timeline and had then recreated a simulacrum with all of Imotekh’s power and none of his more annoying personality traits. He knew in the now that Imotekh lived as a powerful ruler in the awakening Necron Empire. Another issue to resolve later. For now, he would see about recreating his Imotekh puppet after learning of the disposition of his own armies. Abfall should still be intact enough to act as a base of operations for his taking of Adrilles from the Executioner. The Tyranids were useful as far as further distractions and fodder for the Executioner’s eventual destruction.

Solemnace would offer the tools Trayzn would need to re-arm and return to Adrilles. Soon, the planet would be nothing but a bug-infested carcass…with the Executioner’s head on a pike as a warning to this new universe that Trazyn the Infinite was a force to be reckoned with.

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