Situation Report

This situation report details the status of the armies involved in the Adrilles War, one week after the Battle of First Contact and and handful of days before the Assault on Grimmig.

Jager Corps

The personal diaries of Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf reveal he was not overly concerned by the convergence of so many armies on Adrilles. Historians agree that the diaries reveal Frans Ruldolf as a man of singular purpose. He sought to control Tyranids and by the end of the first week of the war he had done just that. His Jager Corps fought alongside Tyranids controlled by Jager Corps Psykers, and while arguments could be made that Frans Ruldolf had no military victories during this period it cannot be denied that his Psykers succeeded in their task.

What history will often reveal is that where there is a singular focus there is eventually bound to be found a schism forming. This was true of the Jager Corps though by the end of the first week of the Adrilles War Frans Ruldolf was unaware of the rift starting to form among his ranks.

Space Wolves

When Arjac Rockfist fell in the Battle of First Contact, the command of the Space Wolves fell to Woldermort Wolftongue. Commanding from Strike Cruiser Hammerfall, Wolftongue ordered the Adrilles forces to retreat. Many Space Wolves returned to the Strike Cruisers orbiting Adrilles. Other units were ordered to stay behind to establish strongholds where future landings could be made. Other units were lost or isolated and were abandoned. These would do their best to survive, seeking to link up with other Space Wolves or establish their own positions of strength.

When Arjac Rockfist was rescued and returned to Strike Cruiser Claw of Russ, he reprimanded Wolftongue for calling the retreat. He ordered Wolftongue to lead a sizeable force back to Adrilles. They would make planetfall in the mountainous southern hemisphere where the first landing of Space Wolves had faced little opposition. These mountains would become the Space Wolves’ major base of operations on Adrilles for much of the remainder of the Adrilles War, but at the end of the first week of the war Wolftongue had only just arrived and the construction of the stronghold only just begun.

What occupied Arjac Rockfist’s mind in the days after his return to the Claw of Russ was the Sautekh Necrons and the forces of Khorne. Oral histories from the Adrilles War as told by Skjald of the Rout reveal that Arjac Rockfist ignored warnings from his Rune Priests in the days before the Battle of First Contact, and thus was unaware of Necron and Chaos presence until it was, arguably, too late. This, more than any other reason, is why Arjac Rockfist moved Strike Cruiser Claw of Russ to orbit Grimmig on the seventh day of the Adrilles War.

Rubicon Necrons

The majority of the Rubicon Necrons were pulled back to Abfall after the fall of Trazyn the Infinite during the Battle of First Contact. Those Necrons left behind were isolated from one another and continued the war in whatever way they saw fit. This often meant seeking out Sautekh Necrons, but in some cases led to conflict with Khorne and Jager Corps. By the end of the first week of the Adrilles War, there were no organized units of Rubicon Necrons on the planet. What remained were small, disparate units roaming the planet in search of their ancient rival.

With Trazyn the Infinite lightyears away on Solemnace, it fell to Overlord Zenith to organize the Necrons of Abfall.

Sautekh Necrons

After their success in the Battle of First Contact, the Phaeron of the Sautekh Necrons– Imotekh the Stormlord– pulled the majority of its forces off Adrilles by utilizing Eternity Gates within the Monoliths engaged in that battle and other battles elsewhere on the planet. A Destroyer Lord delivered to Imotekh a prize taken during the Battle of First Contact– Tyranid biomass that had become infused with Necron technology. This melding occurred because of the Jager Corps’ psychic manipulation of Tyranid biomass lying dormant on the planet. The Jager Corps were unaware of the Necron tombs beneath the surface. Thus when the Sautekh Necrons began to awake and their tombs start to open, Tyranid biomass melded with Necron technology. This phenomenon has never been witnessed by Necron, Terran, Chaos nor Tyranid. What it means is not yet known but with it in their possession it is certain it will be the Sautekh Necrons that determine if this hybrid can be utilized to their advantage during the Adrilles War.

In the week after the Battle of First Contact, the Sautekh Necrons became silent participants in the Adrilles War. With their ancient rival– the Rubicon Necrons– defeated on Adrilles and pushed back to the Rubicon Cluster and an alliance firmly established with Khorne, Imotekh focused on overseeing the Awakening of his Necrons on the moon Grimmig. He had also left one of his most trusted commanders on the planet Adrilles, specifically in the northern volcanic region where several Tombs were coming out of stasis. It could be said then that by the end of the first week of the Adrilles War that the Sautekh Necrons had two secured positions from which they could continue their participation in the war– the northern hemisphere of the Adrilles and the moon Grimmig.

Unbeknownst to his enemies and his ally, Imotekh the Stormlord had discovered something unexpected on Grimmig. Imotekh sent a sizeable force deep into the mines of Grimmig in an effort to find Tombs that had not yet awakened. When the Necrons entered the first dormant Tomb they found its interior encased in biomass. It was almost as if they were walking into the gullet of a living thing. Soon after entering, the Necrons would learn the horrible truth. The Tomb had become a living thing. Genestealers started to emerge from the biomass, assaulting the Necrons from all sides. Within the living maze, Necrons fought Tyranids. Forced to retreat, the Necrons sealed the Tomb. Lay Arteb sent a squad back to the surface to tell Imotekh of the discovery. Meanwhile, Lay Arteb and the rest of his force continued their search for other Tombs.


It is difficult to attribute short term tactics or long-term goals to the Tyranids involved in the Adrilles War because the ever hungry monsters were but tools of the Jager Corps.


The H’Av’Raj’Ikon, as they are now called, arrived on Adrilles the day after the Battle of First Contact. They made planetfall in the volcanic northern hemisphere, not far from the site of that battle. For the next three days, the Tau were under almost constant assault from Tyranids still active in the area. The Tau fought off their attackers but never settled in one place for long. The Tau knew from their investigation of the battlefield that Terran forces had fought Necrons, Tyranids and Chaos hordes. The H’Av’Raj’Ikon’s objective was to find these Terrans and entreat with them in order to get off Adrilles. On the 7th day since their arrival on the war-torn planet, the Tau made contact with the Terrans. Shas’ui T’Hara met with the commander of a sizeable Terran stronghold. This Terran was a Grand Librarian of the Astartes. His name was Hoeth.

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