Jager Corps (The Huntsmen)


The Huntsmen hail from the Chapter planet of Pirschjäger V in the Segmentum Pacificus1, which is the region of Imperial space that lies to the galactic west of Terra. Pirschjäger V is also home to the League of Veiled Star Systems (LVSS), so named because its member planets lay within the vast frontier zone known as the Veiled Region. The planets of the LVSS are not only politically and economically aligned but also contribute to the military that protects its critical trade routes.

The Huntsmen began as a military organization within the LVSS and were, without a doubt, the best trained and most battle hardened military force within it. Indeed, the Huntsmen played an important role in protecting the LVSS from those seeking to exploit its wealth or enslave its citizens, such as Ork Corsairs and other pirates of xeno and human origin.

In the protection of the LVSS, the Huntsmen fought a prolonged war against Blood Beard, a man who united the human pirate hordes under one banner. Blood Beard was slain by Schonsag the Elder, the Huntsmen’s Company Champion in the early days of the Company’s chronicles.

The many battles fought for the LVSS to establish trade routes and places of defense in order to hold those trade routes is what drew the attention of the Imperium as its own expeditionary forces moved into the Veiled Region. It was during this time of Imperium exploration and expansion into the Veiled Regions that historians note as the likely period during which the Founding began. The exact details are, of course, only known by those directly involved as is the case with any Founding2. Regardless, the end result was the Huntsmen emerged as a new chapter of the Space Marines and are one of its newest Chapters. This relative newness is a source of the distrust some other Chapters feel for the Jager Corps.

The Jagers have a long local history and military tradition reaching back to the LVSS. They have incorporated many aspects of this into their current service among the defenders of the Imperium. Though the Huntsmen now most often engage in conflict outside the Veiled Region, its commanders maintain strong ties to the LVSS, its member systems and other military bodies. Indeed, it is still common for distinguished troops among the LVSS to be handpicked to join the Huntsmen still operating in the Veiled Region.

A forward-thinking Chapter, the Jagers adhere to the doctrines of Adeptus Astartes in principal, but eschew the blind devotion of some other Chapters. The Huntsmen view that kind of behavior as a fool’s game, stifling evolution. For the Huntsmen, the Adeptus Astartes is a religious document written eons ago and must be interpreted as such. Its values and traditions must be respected, but nothing is static in the Universe and therefore a Chapter must evolve and innovate for the advancement of the Imperium. Those historians who make a study of the Huntsmen agree that it was this principle– more than any other– that guided Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf when he devised the plan he would ultimately set into motion on the planet Adriles.

“In the galaxy, only the Emporer of Man, the Magister Militum and the honour of duty deserve unwavering devotion. Only these forces have the power to be your salvation in the dying of the light.” — Huntsmen doctrine

“We are often seen to maintain our own loyalties and traditions and, most problematic, our own agenda. As such, we Huntsmen often appear to be a rogue Chapter. What our detractors fail to see is that foremost in the minds of my warriors is service to the Imperium. Let those who speak against us question how we serve the Imperium, but never let them question why we serve.” — Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf; personal logs kept during the Adrilles War.


Ten years before the beginning of the Adrilles War, Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf began his search for a planet ravaged by Tyranids to use as a testing ground for his theories regarding the Hive Mind. He focused his search on the hundred planets abandoned as a part of Kryptman’s Gambit. Histories vary on the exact number of planets visited before the Jagers’ settled on Adrilles, but what is certain is that Ruldolf had the better part of two Terran years on the planet before the arrival of those who sought to stop him.

Ruldolf and Grand Librarian Hoeth knew the Imperium would seek them out. While Hoeth and his Psykers prepared for the Tyranid experiments, the Jagers prepared planetary defenses, including fortified positions of strength, redundant supply lines and a low orbit blockade. What Ruldolf could not have known is that the psychic experimentation would exacerbate the existing Warp storms that ravaged some sectors of the planet. This eventually caused the awakening of the two warring Necron dynasties and provided a beacon to which fiends of the Warp were drawn.

The Jager Corps suffered greatly during the initial planetary assault. Like the Space Wolves, the Jagers were unprepared for and crippled by the Necron and Daemon presence. While vox became more and more unreliable as the planet’s surface and atmosphere was torn asunder, Grand Librarian Hoeth and his Psykers were able to psychically coordinate defense where defense was possible, retreats where retreat was necessary, and then regrouping as Jagers pulled back to positions that had not fallen.

The Jagers were active participants throughout the remainder of the Adrilles War. Their reduced numbers were bolstered by the H’Av’Raj’lkon, an alliance of convenience that nonetheless remained true to the very end. What did not remain true to the end was the unity of the Jagers. Some reports suggest a schism formed within the ranks of Jagers cut-off by and under almost constant threat from enemies.


Notable battles of the Adrilles War in which the Jager Corps participated:


The Huntsmen under the command of Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf arrived on Adrilles two years before the Battle of First Contact. The Huntsmen were well prepared to establish themselves on the planet and had plenty of time to do so.


Magister Militum Frans Ruldolf
Commander of the Jager Corps operating outside of the LVSS; veteran of numerous battles against the enemies of the Imperium, but also clashes with other Chapters within the Space Marines, most famously Dark Angels during the Taluum Incident; fought the Tyranids on a number of worlds but never once was a planet saved; currently somewhere on Adrilles.

Grand Librarian Hoeth
Leads the cadre of Psykers conducting psychic experiments in an effort to control Tyranids on Adrilles; he was the first officer within the Jager Corps to entreat with the H’Av’Raj’Ikon; currently somewhere on Adrilles.

Alois Fischer
Scout; 4th Company; MIA (presumed dead); last known location: Klendathu Canyons. Scout Alois Fischer was a member of scout squad Erkunden within the 4th Company. He and five other scouts provided reconnaissance of the Klendathu Canyons in the days immediately following the Battle of First Contact. Vox became unreliable and thus the Jagers (and Space Wolves) relied heavily on scouts and recon teams to survey and report back. Communication with Fischer and the other scouts was lost, presumably when they entered the deepest parts of the canyons. At this time, it is believed Fischer began to write down what he saw. The resulting passages became known as Fischer’s Diaries. The actual pages have never been confirmed to exist, but supposed replicas of some of the pages have been circulated among and pondered by historians and philosophers in the many years since the Adrilles War. If these pages are indeed a record of what Fischer saw and felt during The Klendathu Three then it depicts the seduction and corruption of Astartes by the Warp and its daemons.

Sergeant H’as Bachmeier
Strum Jagers (Assault Squad); 1st Squad; 2nd Platoon; slain in the Battle of First Contact; tasked with assaulting the Necron structure and either obtaining and holding the Tyranid / Necron artifact or holding the position so Tyranid Warriors under Psyker control could carry off the artifact. His squad was killed to the man fighting and defeating Canoptek Wraiths and Blood Klaws (Space Wolves); Sergeant H’as Bachmeier died fighting a Sautekh Necron Destroyer Lord.

Audwin Havener
Trooper; 7th Company; assigned to 7th Station (recon and supply depot) located in the western hemisphere; only one of two loyal Jagers to reach a Jagers defensive position when other members of 7th Company mutinied. (see Cracks)

Rainer Amsel
Trooper; Skimmer Pilot; 7th Company; assigned to 7th Station (recon and supply depot) located in the western hemisphere; only one of two loyal Jagers to reach a Jagers defensive position when other members of 7th Company mutinied. (see Cracks)

Historical data provides context to the current struggles in our part of the 40K universe. If our campaign takes liberties with canon it does so for the benefit of our game and not as a slight to the work of Games Workshop and fans of 40K.

Segmentum Pacificus

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