An Old Threat Returns

We have arrived at the designated coordinates, Lord.

Trazyn the Infinite drummed his metallic fingers on the throne-like command chair aboard the Garrotte. The flagship of the fleet was one of a dozen he had assembled from the resources on Solemnace. He had started the forge catacombs to create massive transports to bring his newly programmed troops. Gauss cannons and other weaponry bristled along the warships, ready to take on an enemy fleet or conduct an orbital bombardment if necessary.

This universe was not his native reality, he knew as much now. Wherever the Trazyn of this reality was, he would still be unaware of a doppelgänger co-opting his war materiel. All Trazyn knew from his painstaking analysis was his arrival here led to subsequent battles against a bizarre array of Space Marines, Necron, Tyranids and Tau forces. His body and small security force had been destroyed, but his Resurrection Protocol had still linked to the Solemnace Throne World of this reality’s Trazyn, putting his essence and consciousness into a new cybernetic body. He had some theories as to how he had arrived and how he could harness the unique combination of Chaos forces around the world he had dubbed Ground Zero to return home. He had certainly decided on that. He wanted nothing to do with this reality. He was at a better advantage at home than here. If he needed to annihilate every living creature on Ground Zero, he would do so.

“Excellent,” said Trazyn. “Hold our position and deploy the drones.”

He kept his fleet shielded by an asteroid belt in case there were other enemy fleet remnants in-system. Now, his drones would monitor the situation on Ground Zero and allow him to accurately map out the position of the enemy forces. Once he had an idea where the lay of the land was, he could begin his incursion.

Now, he waited. Fortunately, Trazyn the Infinite had infinite patience.


Days later, Trazyn looked up at a holographic display outlining the positions of the enemy forces. Their last skirmish had been illuminating, to say the least. Chaos Daemons and Necrons, with enslaved Tyranid forces had delivered a crushing blow to the Space Marines/Space Wolves/Tau forces. The former had shown considerable coordination and teamwork strategy. The latter, despite impressive shows of force against singular insurmountable odds, we’re not cohesive and paid the price. Now, the individual sides had each retreated to lick their proverbial wounds, but Trazyn’s statistical analysis showed that given enough time, with the current command and control structures, the Chaos/Necron/Tyranid forces would overcome.

That would not be an acceptable outcome.

The Necron forces of this universe would not be an ally. He knew the nature of Necron Overlords to kill one another and he had no reason to believe it was any different here. Tyranids were impossible to control or rely on. Chaos was the reason they were in this mess, the forces of Chaos and Warp having created some sort of temporal/dimensional paradox on this world that had brought them together.

That left the forces of Space Marines and Tau. They were losing, but they could be reasoned with. He could offer his assistance and forces to strengthen their own. In the end, if he could use them for his own purposes, he could get to his endgame…

There was an abandoned city not far from the battlefield. In that city was a considerable confluence of energies that approximated the energy signature of his arrival here. He may be able to manipulate it enough to get himself home… But he would need time. His presence and equipment at that site would be detected by the opposing Necron forces. He would need the Marines and Tau (or H’Av’Raj’Ikon as they called themselves now) forces to act as cover and distraction while he conducted what he needed. How to get them on his side? How best to approach them?

Perhaps the best method was the direct one.

It was time to introduce himself to his potential new ‘allies’.

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