Trazyn Arisen

The chamber was silent as a tomb, which was apt, since that’s exactly what it and this entire world was.

Lost to the aeons of history, no living being in the galaxy knew of the existence of this world nor its true name. It had been a gem in the galactic firmament during the age of the Necrontyr race. Today, it was a dormant Tomb World for one particular Necron master. It was aptly named Solemnace.

The chamber lit up as ancient devices came to life. Scarabs skittered along the walls at the sudden activity. Machines hummed. A large coffin-like structure rose from the floor, angled at forty-five degrees. Barely shaped for a humanoid, it lit up from within.

A Necron Warrior entered the chamber and walked to the sarcophagus. The ancient coffin opened outward like a desolate flower, the green hue of the internal energies casting a grim light on the rest of the chamber. The Warrior stepped into the sarcophagus and rested against the back, its silver metal body causing the green light to become prismatic. The instant the Warrior rested its body, the sarcophagus closed.

Energy sparked around the chamber as the sarcophagus released billions of nanoscarabs onto the body of the Necron Warrior. They reshaped its living necrodermis, breaking it down for its recreation into a new purpose. Necron Warriors were essentially mindless, however they had once been a living, breathing Necrontyr. The remnants of that mind still existed in some form within the Warrior. One could be forgiven for saying they heard a scream from within the sarcophagus. Whether there was one or not is uncertain because there were no ears to hear…at least none that cared.

The machines changed their humming as the process of Reanimation Imprinting ended. The sarcophagus opened as two other Necron Warriors approached. One held a metallic cloak and cowl. The other held a long staff that crackled with its own eerie light.

The reformed Warrior stepped tentatively from its birthing chamber. It stumbled slightly. It reached out for the staff and seemed to gain stability upon grasping it. The other Warrior dressed the newcomer in the robes and cowl. Their task finished, the Warriors left the chamber to its newly-arisen, lone occupant.

Trazyn the Infinite took in his surroundings and allowed himself a moment to recall the events that led to his rebirth on this Tomb World, many light years from the battlefield where he had met his ‘end’. He had been in stasis awaiting the awakening of his hated enemy. Once the enemy had returned, Trazyn awoke with a fury that destroyed the moon he had created to house himself and his host. The battle that followed had involved allies of convenience in the form of humanoid creatures called Space Marines and their slave creatures called Tyranids. His own focus had been on the hated Necron enemy, the Destroyer Lord he had come to call Executioner for its sadistic view of exterminating all life in the universe. Honour demanded Trazyn be the one to slay Executioner in glorious battle, but he had been cheated of this reward by the Chaos fiend Skulltaker and his cohorts. Trazyn reflected and knew he would not be caught the same way when he encountered Chaos Daemons again. And there would be a next time. That was for certain.

Trazyn called ‘The Infinite’ by other Necron Dynasties and for good reason. He was never truly dead as long as he could transfer his consciousness to new thralls. The fact he was back on Solemnace was troubling. He should have re-spawned on the battlefield, but with the psychic and chaotic energies abounding, something must have gone awry. Instead, his Reanimation Protocols resulted in his return to his Tomb World.

While such a defeat sickened him to his very core, Trazyn was more than infinite lives. He also had infinite patience. His return to his Solemnace could be seen as a benefit. Here, he could mobilize a force superior to the one he had lost in battle with the Executioner and his Chaos/Human cohorts. Next time, things would play out differently. Next time, the Executioner would face his own end.

Trazyn had infinite patience, yes, but he also had a capacity for infinite revenge.

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