Brache is one of three moons orbiting the planet Adrilles. It is the second largest of the moons with a equatorial diameter of 1,527 km. It completes an orbit of Adrilles every 4.518212 days.

History – Necrons

Long before there was Man on Terra³, two Necron dynasties– Sautekh and Rubicon– waged war on Adrilles. Sautekh was victorious and Rubicon exiled. The cost was such that Sautekh entered stasis. The Rubicon Dynasty– led by Trazyn the Infinite– wandered the space between the stars for tens of thousands of years. When Trazyn had gathered to him what he felt was an army strong enough to once again challenge Sautekh, the Rubicon Dynasty returned to the planet Adrilles. There they discovered their foe had gone into stasis. Trazyn’s fury was so great that the planet’s surface was savaged. Great swathes of rock were cast into the void. The orbiting debris eventually coalesced into two moons: Brache and Grimmig. The third moon– the smallest– was created by Trazyn to house his tomb when he and his army went into stasis to await the return of his enemy.

History – Imperium

Its heavily cratered surface, core stability, and inclination relative to its planet and sister moons made Brache an ideal defensive position for the Imperium. This lunar fortress was sustained by an internal liquid-water ocean. That water supply and the underground ecosystem it supported was the result of extensive terraforming during the development of the moon’s defenses.

When the defenses on Grimmig fell silent it was a signal to Brache that the Tyranids had arrived. (It was widely known that Hive Fleet Leviathan¹ was threatening the Imperium.) Brache was quick to act. The defenses of Brache were the first spear thrust at the enemy. Brache’s offensive strategy resulted in the death of millions of Tyranids but the Hive Fleet had millions more to spare. Within months of Grimmig’s fall, Brache was within the Shadow in the Warp² and its surface was teeming with an enemy driven by a hunger without end.

The strength of its defenses and the skill and resolve of its troops was such that the war on Brache was still being waged  weeks after the planet Adrilles had fallen to the Tyranids.

Adrilles War

During the Adrilles War, Grimmig was a hive of Sautekh Necron activity. Abfall was destroyed when Trazyn the Infinite awoke. But Brache remained silent. It is not known if any Sautekh Necrons survived that moon’s cataclysmic beginnings. Due to the extensiveness of the Imperium’s terraforming and the size of the moon’s defenses it seems unlikely that Necron presence would have gone unnoticed. What is for certain is that Brache’s surface is littered with the remains of Tyranids and the forces of the Imperium who stood strong in the face of their enemy’s endless hunger.


Historical data provides context to the current struggles in our part of the 40K universe. If our campaign takes liberties with canon it does so for the benefit of our game and not as a slight to the work of Games Workshop and fans of 40K.
Hive Fleet Leviathan
Shadow in the Warp

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