Lost to the aeons of history, no living being in the galaxy knows of the existence of this world nor its true name. It had been a gem in the galactic firmament during the age of the Necrontyr race. Until recently, it was a dormant tomb world for one particular Necron master– Trazyn the Infinite.  The planet is aptly named Solemnace.

Solemnace was without its master for tens of thousands of years as Trazyn the Infinite traveled the galaxy following his exile from the planet the Imperium would come to know as Adrilles.  During the Adrilles War when Trazyn the Infinite was defeated yet again by his Necron rival, he found himself reborn on the tomb world, Solemnace.  With its master returned, the tomb world started to awaken. On Solemnace, Trazyn the Infinite would raise an army that would return with him to Adrilles and the war waging on its surface.

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